Basement Floor Drain Cleaning

Your basement’s floor drain is a quiet ally in the quest to keep your house free of standing water and mold. It’s your emergency flood control. Like all drains, it can become blocked or clogged. When that happens, excess water cannot exit out of your basement and you have a problem on your hands.

Why Floor Drains Get Blocked

Most floor drains are like your other plumbing fixtures: trapped, vented and tied into the sanitary system. Because it is part of your household’s plumbing system, the basement floor drain is affected by the fallout from normal household life—grease buildup, scum, food particles, hair and debris—that accumulates in the sewer pipes, as well as materials swept into the basement drain directly.

Some basement drains are not tied into the plumbing system. If you see terracotta pipes or loose stones when you look down your drain opening, it may be a non-plumbing drain. Over time, the drainage area may accumulate debris or experience soil buildup, limiting the space that filters the excess water away from your basement floor.

In either case, your Atlas service technician will ensure that your basement’s floor drain is working properly again.

Clearing the Basement Floor Drain

Your Atlas plumber will determine what kind of floor drain you have. If you have a non-plumbing drain, your technician will remove debris and soil buildup beneath the drain hole, reopening the area that water flows into as it goes down the drain.

If you have a plumbed basement floor drain, your plumber will bypass the drain’s vent and trap to snake the affected sewer pipes and ensure that the pipes are completely free of debris and buildup.
Your Atlas plumbing expert will explain your options and can usually complete your basement and floor drain cleaning right away.

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Fun Fact

In 1855, Chicago became the first large American city to build a comprehensive sewer system.

Did You Know?

Once or twice a year, pour some water down the drain to check that the water runs freely.