Atlas Home Services Technicians

Plumbing Service Technician

ATLAS HOME SERVICES LLC – Manassas Park, VA Atlas Home Services LLC, located in Manassas Park, VA seeks a full time plumbing service technician to service residences throughout Northern Virginia. Candidates must be able to replace water closets, install faucets and sink plumbing, snake drains, solder pipe, install garbage disposals and water heaters, with minimal…

Is Your Plumbing Ready for the Holiday Season

Is Your Plumbing Ready for the Holiday Season?

As the holiday season approaches, your plumbing fixtures and pipes could use a little loving attention to ensure that you—and your guests—make it through the festivities without mishap. Take a few minutes to walk through your house and check your plumbing. Most of the issues and/or problems listed below are easily remedied. You can do many of them yourself.

Our checklist to help keep things operating smoothly:

Conventional Water Heater Troubleshooting

Tips for Troubleshooting Conventional Water Heater Woes

Is your normally dependable supply of hot water letting you down? Suddenly there isn’t any, or it runs out halfway through your shower? Is there a nasty odor, or a cloudy or colored flow when you turn on the faucet?
Fortunately, conventional (tank) water heaters–both electric and gas–have more or less retained their simplicity in this age of increasingly sophisticated appliances. Thankfully, troubleshooting a conventional water heater also remains pretty straightforward.

WaterSense Toilet

High Efficiency WaterSense Toilets

Early toilets were technically simple: something to sit on over a hole in the ground. Eventually—and thankfully—enterprising minds invented the flushable toilet and the sewer systems that took our waste away and let us focus on other, more pleasant things. But, when our beloved planet’s imminent peril became the subject of discussion back in the 1980s, we turned our attention back to this lowly piece of porcelain and began a much needed march toward high efficiency toilets.