Your Sump Pump, Battery Backups and Summer Rainstorms

In anticipation of summer rain, you may want to have your sump pump serviced and upgraded for added protection and capacity. A battery back-up sump pump is your last fail-safe to preventing catastrophic flooding and water damage to your home. It is an effective and viable (but short-term) back-up solution to preventing flooding in your home while a plumber fixes or replaces the primary pump.

Four Plumbing Problems that Require a Professional

It is well known that most people like to save money on home repairs. But it’s important to know which plumbing issues require a professional plumber, one with the technical training, skills and experience to diagnose and repair the problem. Here are some common issues homeowners tend to experience, and why you should leave the repairs to the professionals.

10 Things Never to Put Down Your Drains

10 Things Never to Put Down Your Drains

It’s convenient to dispose of freshwater fish tank water, kitchen byproducts and other unwanted materials by flushing them down the toilet, running them through the garbage disposal unit, or pouring them down the basement drain. But sending some common household materials down your drains can lead serious plumbing issues. Below, we list 10 things you should never send down the drain and explain why these items are harmful to your own plumbing, your community’s water processing infrastructure, and to the whole ecosystem.