Clogged Kitchen, Bath & Shower Drain Cleaning

We wash the dirt and detritus of our daily lives down the drain, and our showers and sinks are the tools we use to clean ourselves and our stuff. Sink and shower drains are a crucial component of our cleansing routines, and sometimes they balk.

clogged sink and shower drain repairGrease and scum are the biggest obstacles to a free-flowing drain. They stick to the walls of the pipes and grab other materials—food particles, hair, small foreign objects—that slip down the drain without notice. Eventually that buildup, or an obstruction, interferes with the free flow of water down the drain.

An Atlas Service Technician Will Clear Your Clogged Drain

Your Atlas service technician has the expertise to pinpoint the location of the blockage and clear your drains with specialized tools, such as a motorized snake and hydro-jetter.

If more than one drain is backed up, it may be the result of a blockage further down the line. Your technician will check your sewer lines for debris or tree-root buildup, and clear those pipes.

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Fun Fact

Chemical drain cleaners can damage your pipes. They should not be used on a completely blocked drain because of exposure to harmful vapors.

Did You Know?

You can help keep your shower drain clog-free with a mesh drain cover that catches hair, soap chunks and foreign objects. Make sure that you clean it frequently.