Clogged Toilets & Toilet Drain Cleaning

Most of us have occasionally taken a deep breath and grabbed the plunger, hoping that we can unclog a toilet ourselves. Happily, a properly wielded plunger does resolve most clogged toilet issues. But when it doesn’t, Atlas Home Services is here to help.

clogged toilet and toilet drain cleaningWhat’s Causing the Clog?
Your plumber can quickly determine what the reason for the blockage is.

Your plumber may find that:

  • An unusual object is jammed into the curved exit pipe in the toilet bowl, blocking the flow of wastewater to the sewer pipes.
  • The flushing mechanisms are faulty, resulting in a less thorough flushing action and subsequent buildup of solid waste materials in the exit drain.
  • If other drains in your house are also slow-draining or plugged, something is probably blocking the drain lines further down.

What’s the Solution?
Depending on his assessment, your plumber may have to:

  • Pull up and disassemble the toilet to access the obstruction.
  • Repair or replace the tank’s flushing mechanism.
  • Clear the drain pipes to restore full capacity.

Whatever the reason for the blockage is, your Atlas technician will get your toilet and/or drains moving again.

Your Atlas plumbing expert will explain your options and can usually complete clogged toilet and toilet drain cleaning services right away.

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Fun Fact

According to a recent United Nations report, more people in the world have mobile phones than toilets.

Did You Know?

Hardening compounds, such as grease, wax or joint compounds and fillers, will build up in your pipes. Don’t pour them down the toilet!