Garbage Disposal Repair & Replacement

Garbage disposals are one of the kitchen’s greatest tools, reducing copious amounts of food waste to a consistency that easily flows down your drain and out of your life.

If your disposal unit stops working properly, or at all, you quickly realize how vital it is to your kitchen’s health and vitality. Your Atlas service technician will repair or replace your broken garbage disposal and get those food scraps moving out of your kitchen again.

garbage disposal repairCan Your Garbage Disposal Be Repaired?
Garbage disposals can fail in several ways.

These are the most common:

      • If your disposal hums but doesn’t grind, its impeller (which forces the food against the grinding wall) may be jammed.
      • If there’s a leak, the disposal’s connections to your drainpipes may need tightening or resealing.
      • If the disposal runs intermittently, you may have a problem with the switch.
      • If the unit makes a terrible (non-grinding) noise, the grinding wall, impeller or motor may be damaged.
      • If the food particles don’t move out of the disposal, you may have a clogged pipe.

Your Atlas service technician will get to the root of the problem and, in most cases, make a repair on the spot.

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What if Your Garbage Disposal Can’t Be Repaired?
With proper care, a good garbage disposal unit will last about 10 years. But if it cannot be repaired, or the cost of repair is close to the cost of replacing the unit, your Atlas plumber has a variety of replacement options handy.

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Fun Fact

Most garbage disposals do not have rotating blades. Instead, blunt rotating impellers force food scraps against grinders on the unit’s wall or floor.

Did You Know?

To clean your unit, fill two cups of ice cubes and a cup of rock salt. Run cold water and turn disposal on for 5-10 seconds. The result is a clean and fresh smelling unit.