Camera Pipe Inspections

There are times when a plumbing problem can’t be easily identified because it can’t be seen. And until recently, those problems had to be solved through a combination of educated guesswork and trial and error.

Camera pipe inspectionVideo Cameras Can Reveal Damage to Your Plumbing Without Harm to Your Surfaces

Video pipe inspections are now commonly used to determine the location and nature of unseen breaks and blockages, as well as view the general condition of hidden pipes and drains.

A small video camera is mounted on a flexible cable. Your technician will guide the cable into the affected water or drain pipe at a spot where it is exposed and accessible. By watching the progress of the camera on a monitor, he can pinpoint the location and nature of a plumbing problem, and sometimes even effect a repair, without damage to your surfaces.

Your Atlas technician will talk to you about the merits of a video inspection before proceeding.

Camera Pipe Inspections Are a Good Idea When You Are Thinking of Buying a House

We’ve all heard stories about people who buy a house and immediately have a plumbing disaster.
Camera pipe inspections can give you peace of mind. A visual inspection of hidden pipes and sewer drains will help you make informed choice about a potential purchase.

Your Atlas plumbing expert will explain your options and can usually complete your camera pipe inspection right away.

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Fun Fact

The first CCTV camera was installed in Germany to watch the launch of the V2 rocket, and it was created by German engineer Walter Bruch. (source: MyTechLogy)

Did You Know?

Most CCTV units are installed for security reasons. It’s estimated that the Washington Metro system has about 6,000 cameras installed across the region. (source: Wikipedia)