Sewer Main Drain Cleaning

If your clogged drain doesn’t clear up with a plunger, snaking or water-jetting, or if more than one drain in your home is emptying slowly or even backing up, the obstruction is down the pipeline. Your sewer main drain may be the culprit, with reduced flow capacity or some kind of blockage. Atlas Home Services can get that main drain moving freely again.

sewer main drain cleaning servicesFirst, the Bad News:
The pipes connecting your home’s drains to public sewer lines were part of its construction and are your responsibility to maintain and repair.

Disturbed ground such as trenches excavated for drains, services and house foundations make easy traveling for a root system compared to the adjacent, undisturbed ground. Tree roots can gain access to the drain system via the pipe joints, fractures or cracks.

Alternatively, or at the same time, the sludge and grease buildup that increasingly obstructs your indoor pipes can also diminish your sewer line’s capacity to move liquid waste to the public line or your septic system.

Now, the Good News:
Your technician will open the clean out, a Y-shaped valve located near your foundation that accesses both the sewer line and your inside drains. The clean out is the easiest spot to open up the sewer lines so that your technician can snake and power jet the sewer line to force accumulated material down the pipe and into the sewer.

The snake and power jetter will take care of most tree roots in the line.

Even Better News:
Periodic, preventive sewer main drain cleaning will keep your drains perpetually clear of sludge and tree roots, reducing the chances of bigger, far more expensive problems down the road. Talk to us about our maintenance service programs.

Your Atlas plumbing expert will explain your options and can usually complete your sewer main drain cleaning service right away.

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Fun Fact

One of the earliest known sewers was the Cloaca Maxima in Rome, built c.6th century BC, to drain the site of the Forum. Source

Did You Know?

The majority of homeowners’ insurance policies don’t cover sewer pipe replacement. Check to see if yours does.