Sump Pump Repair & Replacement

A sump pump is one of the invisible heroes of a healthy building, not to mention the health of the people who occupy that building. Your sump pump moves unwanted water to a place where it cannot contribute to mold and structural problems in your home.

Sump pumpA sump pump has two basic components: a basin that collects water via natural moisture migration or drains, and a pump that moves that water away from your foundation. The pump is usually hardwired and may have a backup battery source in case of power outage. We highly recommend homeowners have a battery-powered backup sump pump that can serve to assist your hard-wired pump should it become overwhelmed with water volume and also operates when the power is out in your home. Atlas installs only get-powered, maintenance-free batteries to help ensure your sump pump is ready to operate right when it is needed most.

If your sump pump isn’t doing its job, your Atlas technician will find out why.

Common Reasons for Sump Pump Failure
Your problem could be the pump itself, its position in the sump basin, or the pipes that redirect the excess water to a safe location.

Your Atlas serviceperson may find that:

      • The pump is off-kilter. If the pump has shifted inside the basin, the float arm that activates the pump off/on switch won’t work properly.
      • The motor is overwhelmed by the volume of water it has to pump.
      • Debris in the basin clogs the pump inlet, reducing its capacity.
      • The discharge pipe is clogged.
      • The pump’s discharge line lacks a check valve that prevents backflow.
      • The pump is simply worn out—most last about 10 years.

In most cases, your Atlas plumbing expert can make repairs right away. If your present system cannot handle the water volumes, your technician will discuss your options with you.

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Fun Fact

While they have been around for decades, sump pumps became much more popular when finishing basements became more popular for homeowners.

Did You Know?

Basement moisture can be the result of gutter issues. Be sure that your gutters are clean and downspouts direct water away from your building’s foundation.