Toilet Repair & Replacement

Let’s face it: toilets are nobody’s favorite subject. But if your toilet isn’t working properly, pretty soon it’s all you can think about.

The plumbing experts at Atlas Home Services are ready to help. We’ll diagnose your problem and make sound recommendations for repair or replacement.

toilet repairCommon issues we can resolve:

  • You hear water running or dripping in the tank.
  • Water accumulates on the floor
  • The tank doesn’t fill completely or fills very slowly.
  • Your flush lever isn’t working.
  • Waste isn’t exiting the bowl with a single flush.
  • The toilet overflows when flushed.
  • The toilet is completely blocked.

Information that can speed repair:

  • Do you know your unit’s brand and age?
  • Was something unusual flushed down your toilet recently?
  • Do you have other draining issues?

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We try to schedule same-day service, arrive with a full complement of replacement parts and can complete most repairs right away.

Most toilet problems are quickly resolved!

  • Flushing problems and internal leaks indicate that the flush/fill mechanisms need to be adjusted or replaced.
  • Water on the floor can mean worn parts. Your plumber may replace the tank-to-bowl connections, or the gasket around the floor hole.
  • Your toilet’s connection to its water source could be blocked or leaking.
  • Debris may be blocking the exit pipe.

If the toilet cannot be repaired, or if the repair cost approaches replacement cost, we’ll discuss your options.

The Problem Isn’t Your Toilet. Now What?

Your drainpipe or sewer line may have an obstruction. We can get those lines running clearly again.

Considering an Upgrade?

On average, we use the bathroom eight times per day. Older toilets use at least 3.5 gallons per flush, and a running/leaking unit can add thousands of gallons to your annual usage. Newer models are affordable and efficient, using only 1.6 gallons to leave a toilet’s bowl sparkling.

Talk to us about upgrading to a high-efficiency toilet!

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Fun Fact

In public restrooms with multiple stalls, the first cubicle is the least used and therefore probably the cleanest.

Did You Know?

Replacing existing toilets with WaterSense labeled models can save you nearly 13,000 gallons per year. (Source: EPA)