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conventional water heater installationTurn-Key Water Heater Installation Services

Our turn-key water heater replacement services include everything you need to get the hot water flowing again. We stock a large selection of water heaters and in many cases are able to remove and replace your unit the same day!

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Water heater inspectionWater Heater Repair and Replacement

While not exactly life-altering, stepping into your shower only to discover there isn’t any hot water is one of the less pleasant experiences of modern daily life. The experts at Atlas Home Services can quickly get your hot water flowing again.

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conventional water heater installationConventional Water Heater Installation

One of the workhorses of a smoothly functioning household. We all like to assume that a flick of the wrist will deliver an endless stream of hot water to our showers and sinks. When that doesn’t happen, it may be time to consider replacing or upgrading to tankless.

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tankless water heater installationTankless Water Heater Installation

Tankless water heaters heat water on demand—that is, they heat only the water that you use at that moment. Water cycles through heating coils and into the pipes that lead to your hot water faucets.

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